AQ Training Programme

AQ Training Programme

The Direction Association for the Handicapped is a non-profit organisation formed by a group of severely physically handicapped. Their mission is to serve and develop the potential of the Life Fighters, promote the mutual-help spirit among the members, and to strive for their social status and welfare.

Despite the challenges brought by their physical limitations, the Life Fighters are living their life with courage and perseverance. They have even taken a step further to encourage people fighting through down side of their life or in need by sharing of their personal stories. Their good deed has touched many hearts of people like us. Since October 2013, Vision Skill has volunteered to develop these Life Fighters to become professional trainers.

Vision Skill has offered various Professional Training Skill Workshops to the association and as a team an AQ Training Workshop has been developed. Utilising the same skill of experience sharing, the Adversity Quotient (AQ) topic was bought out as a useful tool to turn obstacles into opportunities. AQ is an important yet easily forgotten human quotient, it is the human resilience in reacting promptly and positively under adverse circumstances.

Many Life Fighters have transformed from storytellers to professional trainers, and successfully held numerous AQ workshops with very positive feedbacks from client ranging from local firms, government authorities, to internationally recognised companies. Our engagement with them as a facilitator in the workshop was indeed an extremely rewarding experience that was beyond words.

We hereby encourage all of our corporate partners and clients to support the Association in their AQ Training Programme that will certainly be beneficial and inspirational.