Case Study – Business & Corporate Management

Business and Corporate Strategy – Property Consultants


Vision Skill was invited by a Hong Kong property consultant group to facilitate the development of a China strategy for the group to aggressively expanding its business in China. The ultimate objective is to enhance the Group’s ability to expand and capture the immense potential of the China market.



Specific consultancy service delivered included:

  • Review of its business and corporate strategy in particular the human resource management and talent development strategies
  • Strategy Development Workshops for the Board of Directors
  • China-wide training workshop on leadership and management skills for GMs of each branch


Involvement of Vision Skill

  • Review of business, market and competition conditions of the company
  • Pre-course needs analysis workshop
  • Training needs studies
  • Defining training objectives
  • Benchmarking the best practices
  • Design of course content and materials
  • Production of training materials
  • Workshop delivery and facilitation
  • Reporting on new business direction and strategies



Vision Skill has facilitated the company Directors to develop the expansion strategy for China in the following areas:

  • Image and Positioning Strategy
  • Customer Strategy
  • Operations and Management Strategy
  • Human Resource Management Strategy
  • IT Strategy
  • Financial strategy


VSC has also successfully delivered the Leadership Development workshop for all General Managers and Directors in mainland China.