Case Study – Training and Development Consultancy Service

Training and Development Consultancy Service – Public Service


Vision Skill was invited by a major public service company to advise on talent management and development planning.  The client desired to provide structured and systematic training and development programme to enhance the internal intellectual capability for meeting its future challenges.  One of the challenges the client is facing is the increasing pressure from the public about the client’s contribution to the local economic development.  There is also urgency for them to set a new strategy to move from the “government-like” image to a new progressive image.  The development of the competence of its management team is one important element to success.



Specific consultancy service delivered included:

  • Training needs report for all level of staff
  • Training curriculum, talent and management development process and career development paths of different grades and jobs defined
  • Deliver a series of training workshops for senior management teams


Involvement of Vision Skill

  • Training needs studies for all levels of staff to analyse their competence in meeting the new values and missions set by top management
  • Conduct Focus Groups to identify training needs
  • Design of management development curriculum and training workshops
  • Collection of scenarios through telephone and face-to-face interviews with senior management for course design




Vision Skill has delivered two Training and Development Reports for executive and non-executive grades after the detailed studies of the staff competence and identification of competence gap.  The training needs studies identified the training needs and also highlighted the training priorities of different categories of staff.  This has helped the Client to allocate their training resources efficiently.


Two Training and Development curricula for executive and non-executive grades were also developed.  These curricula provided a clear picture to all level of staffs their development paths including different training requirements for their career progression.