Case Study – Management Training

Management Training – International Manufacturer


Vision Skill partnered with Forte Learning Centre to provide a series of management development workshops for an internationally well-known manufacturer. The training courses were delivered in major cities in China and participated by managers and supervisors from various disciplines including production, sales and marketing, operations, human resource management and finance. These workshops were designed to ensure that managers and supervisors would have the necessary competencies to motivate their staff and deliver their responsibilities efficiently and effectively.



Specific courses covering the following core competencies were delivered to about 100 executives:

  • Value and contribution of effective management
  • Communication and feedback skills
  • Coaching skills
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Change management


Involvement of Vision Skill

VSC was involved in the full process of training


  • Needs analysis
  • Case collection
  • Course design
  • Production of interactive course materials
  • Course management and delivery
  • Post course evaluation and support



The feedback from the course participants and business leaders has suggested that the skill development workshops have improved the concepts and skills of the participants in managing tasks and relationship. This may result in overall enhancement in organisation efficiency and effectiveness.