Case Study – Business Strategies and Sales Training

Business Strategies and Sales Training – Global Security Services Group
Vision Skill has designed and delivered a strategy workshop to facilitate the senior management team to evaluate business performance, challenges, threats and opportunities and based on the results proposed new strategies and tactics in meeting the competitive challenges.
The workshop was followed up by a serious of sales skill training to enhance the competence of staff by using new approaches and strategies to maintain its leadership position and gain shares in new markets.
This has aligned with the business objectives of the company to achieve success through:

  • Winning strategic accounts and competitive contracts
  • Developing competence and selling of valued solutions
  • Aligning regional and local strategies to achieve strategic growth

Specific consultancy service delivered included:

  • Regional Business Strategy Workshop
  • Regional-wide training workshop for selling skills and market development strategy
  • Training video on selling skills and business development strategies

Involvement of Vision Skill

  • Training needs studies
  • In-depth video interview with customers and field experts
  • In-depth interview with industry experts
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Design of course content and materials
  • Review of business growth and trends

All workshops and skills development courses were delivered and excellent feedback received from the participants and client.