Case Study – Operations and Maintenance Training

Operations and Maintenance Manual Production and Training Services– High Speed Rail Transport


Vision Skill was invited by a Japanese consortium to produce strategies and plans for the production of Operations and Maintenance Manuals (O&M Manuals) and Training Courses for all E&M systems of a high speed rail in Taiwan. VSC in this project produced the O&M Manual Standards and Master Plan, the Training Course Curriculum and Master Plan, the O&M and training manuals of the majority of the sub-systems. VSC also delivered a number of important operations courses preparing key staff to launch the railway.



O&M Manuals produced for the following sub-systems:

  • Power Supply/Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Wayside E&M
  • Rolling Stock (Operations)
  • Overhead Catenary System (OCS)
  • Maintenance Management Information System (MMIS)
  • Driving System
  • Radio
  • Public Address
  • Passenger Information
  • Signalling
  • Train Control
  • Common Network
  • Plant monitoring and control system


Training manuals are produced and also translated into Traditional Chinese. Some of these training courses are also delivered to the Client:

  • Training Skills Course
  • System Awareness Course
  • Driving Simulator Course
  • MMIS (Operations) -Schedule Planning Training
  • MMIS (Maintenance) Training
  • Operation Controller Training
  • Station and Depot Operations
  • Driver Course
  • Maintenance course for signalling, communication systems (PA and Radio), power control, power supply, wayside E&M, driving simulator, OCS.


Involvement of Vision Skill

VSC conducted the training needs study, training design, development and production of training courses and examination, management of on-the-job training and practices. VSC also assisted the clients in assessment and certification of trainees; production of specifications for computer-based training and test track, and also offered course and examination administration services.



VSC has successfully delivered all essential O&M and training manuals to the client. Training courses were delivered to the local trainers who have subsequently rolled out all courses to the O&M staff   before revenue operations.