Case Study – Leading Beverage Group

Vision Skill has designed and delivered a series of workshops on sales and marketing techniques for a world leader in luxury brands.  These workshops are considered strategically important to ensure that the relevant staff will have the right skills and competence to support the corporate strategies in:

  • Increase brand awareness and strengthen market positioning
  • Increase in selling of the high end products and contributing to the total profit growth



Specific courses and consultancy service delivered included:

  • Regional training on luxury selling skills
  • Regional training on marketing strategies and implementation skills
  • Regional review and audit of application of luxury selling skills
  • Review of human resource management processes and standards for recruitment, retention, pay and incentives, training and performance management of Promoters for the company’s consumer brands
  • Production of human resource management operations manual for managing the Promoters
  • Design and delivery of skills training for promoters
  • Regional audit of performance of Promoter Trainers and Promoters at work


Involvement of Vision Skill

  • Training needs studies
  • Pre-course management workshops
  • Defining training objectives
  • Benchmarking the best practices
  • Design of course content and materials
  • Production of training materials including workbooks, videos and computer-based training
  • Post-course auditing
  • Production of HRM Operations Manuals



Training workshops were designed and delivered to the intended participants. Excellent feedback was received from the participants and their supervisors as well as customers.  The impact on sales was measured through post cost evaluations, interviews with supervisors, participants and customers, as well as measuring growth in sales after training was completed in each country.