Message from CEO

When I founded Vision Skill in 2002, I could not have imagined what this small company would ultimately achieve.  We grew from a two-people company to a professional consultancy company with specialist teams in just a few years.  We started from advising locally then expanding our business to China, Asia Pacific, Europe, India and Middle East.


Through the years, our team always believes that we will be successful if our clients are successful.  Thriving for excellence and exceeding customer’s expectations are always our work philosophy.  We put our client’s interest ahead of ours and deliver high value service.  All of our consultants act professionally and respect local custom and culture without compromising our integrity.  We believe providing consistently superior service is the way to build long term relationship.  Trust, team work and total commitment are the core values of our company and based on these beliefs we grow our company and our people.

Dr. Sara Cheung